Back to ‘Merica!

Hi everyone!

I have safely returned to the States after 25 hours of travel and 5 airports. I returned on the 20th My travels throughout the months of December and January are taking me quite literally around the world. I started in Dubrovnik, headed to Barcelona, Rochester, NY, and Utica NY. I then went to Las Vegas, NV for a week, then off on a cruise throughout the Western Caribbean in the beginning of January. I will be participating in another short-term study abroad trip at the end of January in Dubai UAE. It is exhausting just writing about all my trips, but I am so excited for each one! For now, I want to tell you about my trip to Barcelona (seems so long ago!) and my reactions since returning home.

We visited Barcelona during our last week of studying abroad in Europe. Barcelona was my absolute favorite city. The rich artwork and architecture was incredible and the tapas and sangria kept our bellys full. The work done by Antoni Gaudi throughout the city were simply gorgeous. Every person we encountered was so friendly. We visited Barcelona during their slower tourist season, so we were able to enjoy attractions like Parc Guell with very few other tourists. It was truly enjoyable. The city was decorated heavily with Christmas lights on every street and on many buildings, it was beautiful.

We spent our last day in Dubrovnik laying on the beach, searching for sea glass, and our last meal was the most delicious cevapi. I was certainly eager to get home, but I was sad leaving Dubrovnik on our last day. I know that the memories made in Dubrovnik will last me a life time.

Our journey home was long, but the anticipation and excitement I had made it seem to go by quite fast. Seeing my family and boyfriend after a long four months made me realize just how much I missed home.

So many people have asked me how my trip was, and it was obviously amazing, but I find it hard to explain to people in words what I have learned while abroad and what I experienced and went through. I feel like a different person than I was four months ago, but I also feel like other people don’t think that I have changed at all, so that is a little bit of a struggle.

The weirdest thing I have experienced since being back in the states is my lack of concentration. For the first few days that I have been home, I am completely unable to hold a conversation in public. I am very distracted by other people talking around me, because for the first time in a long time, I am actually able to understand what they are talking about. For the past four months I have tuned out the people talking in the background, but now that I am home, I can’t help but ease drop on everyone around me because I can actually understand what they are saying. It is a very strange feeling. This is the only “reverse culture-shock” that I have experienced.

Until next time! XOXO Sarah

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